Trucking Service (Pickup and Delivery)

Most goods coming from Europe to Iran today are transferred via trucking services. Today, ground shipping transport carries anything from raw materials to factory parts. We know and understand how important your business is to you at Yekta Marine, so we are proud to offer you a timely and reliable quality service that delivers the personalized follow-up, at all stages of our service. Do not hesitate to get your shipments where they need to go with Yekta Marine’s  pickup and delivery services.

We have a full range of truckers—small, medium, and large—to provide the flexibility to transport shipments of all over the Europe to any point and customs in IRAN.

Our trucking services include: full truck shipments (FTL), partial/groupage shipments (LTL), hazardous shipments (ADR) from all over Europe and Turkey to Iran.

  • FTL Shipments
  • LTL Shipments
  • ADR Shipments


Trucking Service