Ocean freight remains one of the most popular ways for companies to ship goods, and when you are shipping products to your commercial customers by sea, you need an reliable shipping company that you can be sure you can rely on every single time you mark a package for shipment.

Ocean freight iran

We handle everything from start to finish no matter where your goods need to go, so you can send your products overseas with total confidence.
Whether you are an importer or exporter , Yekta Marine is your reliable choice for shipping FCL, LCL, and reefer (refrigerated) shipping containers around the globe.

Our Ocean Freight Services Include:

Full Container Load (FCL):

Use FCL ocean freight shipping for valuable cargo that you wouldn’t want to transport with other cargo (LCL). FCL is also a good option if you need to ship larger loads (12+ pallets)

Less than Container Load (LCL):

LCL shipping means you’ll share container space with others that are also shipping cargo. This can be a more cost-effective option for shipping smaller loads overseas.

Reefer Containers:

We can ship your goods overseas in refrigerated or temperature-controlled containers to protect them from spoilage and humidity. Your goods can be shipped at the ideal temperature for your product, whether it’s is below freezing or moderately cool.

Hazardous Containers & Dangerous Goods:

Dangerous goods include but are not limited to: pharmaceuticals, explosives, gases, flammable liquids and solids, corrosive substances, oxidizing substances, dry ice, lithium batteries, fuel cell engines. We are able to handle your Dangerous Goods and transport your goods overseas safely to their destination, in compliance with international regulations..

Cross-stuffing  Container :

We’ll help you eliminate warehousing costs and meet just-in-time delivery demands with our cross-stuffing services. As soon as your cargo arrives to the port, it can be loaded into another container and delivered directly to its destination or arranging it inside COLD STORAGE for perishable goods such as Frozen Seafood, Fruits and Medicines.

Warehousing & Distribution:

We have bonded warehouse space in ports around the world and several throughout the China,  Euorpe to help you manage inventory and distribution.

Shipping Documentation for Importing & Exporting:

Obtaining letters of credit and other documentation necessary to complete the importing and exporting process can be a headache. As experienced freight forwarders,  Yekta Marine makes this process as smooth as possible and provide you with bills of lading and the necessary documentation to facilitate your importing or exporting process.

Cargo Insurance:

We provide different cargo insurance options that protect against loss or damage to your cargo in transit overseas. Cargo insurance is essential to ocean freight transportation and protects your goods from seawater flooding, storms and acts of God, vessel collision and other unforeseeable events.